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RealDoll Canada is the exclusive official distributor for Canada for world known products RealDoll. RealDoll CANADA has a customs broker who professionally take care of the import process to avoid costly fees.

All products will be shipped from our manufacturers based in the US.  We will deliver your product(s) direct to your door to ensure a convenient and discreet service.  The cost of premium delivery will be added to your order and will be shown on the order form and invoice.

We will organise a convenient date and time for delivery based on the product(s) arriving in Canada and once the relevant customs procedures are adhered to.  We will contact the customer to arrange this convenient date and time.  All doll orders are shipped by freight in a secure and rugged wooden shipping crate.  We require an authorised signature to be present to take delivery of the product(s).

If you have specific questions, you can email us and we will respond as quickly as possible.