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There are times you miss your partner in bed, be it your wife or girlfriend, and end up doing what? Of course, shagging yourself silly! It is time you started thinking beyond a hand job that, more often than not, leaves your joystick sore. A great option on offer is
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RealDoll are the new sensual reality of the world. While we all run in our life race finding a true companion for love and sex relationship becomes harder. It’s not that honest and loving people have died but, they are also busy in arranging for their basic needs. At such
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Technology is making inroads into the sex business and how! The advent of sex robots or sexbots is a case in point. These automated sex dolls, using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, are set to become a rage, if initial trials are to be believed. One of the leading manufacturers
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Gone are the days of ‘Wham bam, thank you ma’am’, today mental stimulation in sex is what is trending. And we are not talking about you doing your flesh-and-bone partner, we are talking about you and your love doll! If you thought sex dolls are only meant for sex, you
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These anatomically correct models are meant with just one aim in mind, to give you endless pleasure. Such is the potential of these sex dolls that people who get addicted to them consider them as life partners and not as sex dolls. This is because these ‘iDollators’ consider synthetic love
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