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Enjoy Automated Sex with the Next Generation RealDoll Robot

Technology is making inroads into the sex business and how! The advent of sex robots or sexbots is a case in point. These automated sex dolls, using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, are set to become a rage, if initial trials are to be believed.

One of the leading manufacturers of the world’s finest sex dolls, RealDoll, is on the verge of introducing a scintillating sex assistant that possesses the ability to ‘bond’ with you.

The RealDoll sexbot

Initially, RealDoll will not roll out a full-bodied sexbot, but introduce it, component-wise, over a course of a few years. The initial introduction will be the Harmony AI app, followed by RealDoll’s first robotic systems. A virtual reality platform will come by the year 2018.

Thanks to AI, you will be able to choose your fantasy sex doll most easily, based on the personality traits you want ingrained in your love doll, such as brainy, naïve, shy, kind, kinky, dominant, submissive…the choice is endless. Not only this, you can give multiple traits to your doll and then choose a dominant one from amongst them. The realistic feeling that you get with this is beyond imagination!

Give flesh to your imagination

At present, you require imagination when using standard RealDoll love doll to impart your chosen personality to it to get the satisfaction you seek. The RealDoll Harmony AI does something much more, it actually creates these personalities, without the user having to imagine them. This facilitates live interaction with the doll. In the mutual give and take with your doll, as you converse, it picks up your likes and dislikes with the help of AI and give you what you seek…a total mental stimulation of the sexual kind.

Not only this, over time an alternative form of relationship is created between you and the doll that lets you not only talk dirty and discuss matters sexual with it, but also engage in discussions on a diverse range of subjects.

Benefits of RealDoll sexbot

The real difference between the standard RealDoll love doll and its automated version is that the former is simply a sex playmate and the latter is a sex playmate cum companion. The RealDoll Robot is a godsend for those who find it difficult to form intimate relations with other people, due to their intrinsic shyness or reluctance to share their space. The sexbots will allow such users to manipulate them without getting self-conscious.

Another great benefit of sexbots is realism. Using them is like sharing your bed with a real live person, not only for sex, but also for indulging in light banter and exchanging notes.

The cost factor

What seems to put a damper on the excitement generated by this AI marvel, is its price. The head alone would be to the tune of over $10,000!


The new technology in the form of the next generation RealDoll Robot will allow you to explore uncharted territory in the region of sex and relationships.

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