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Kaori – Config 3

7,295.00 CAD $

Produit épuisé


Face: 13

Body: 4

Skin tone: Fair

Eye color: Teal Green

Makeup: Heavy black eyeliner – heavy slate and bronze eyeshadow

Wig color & style: Black with burgundy (custom), style 0706

Lip color: Burgundy

Fingernails: French Manicure

Pubic hair: Black natural

Outfit: Not available

Height: 4’10 »

Weight: 77lbs

Bust: 30AA

Waist: 23″

Hips: 33″

Dress Size XXS-XS/0-2

Shoe Size 5,6

UGS : 200014.
Catégorie : .
Étiquette : .

Description du produit

Our female dolls are the most lifelike and enjoyable sexdolls that you can buy anywhere! With holes in all the right places and with the FaceX system, the possibilities are endless.

The female RealDolls feature our patented Face-X System which allows you to have multiple interchangeable faces for one body. View our photo galleries to see which faces pair best with which bodies. We offer 16 standard female faces and 10 bodies. We also offer closed eye, smiling and some expression faces for many of our standards! You can customize your doll with any of our standard options or have a doll made to match any you see in the gallery.

Your female doll comes dressed in stylish seasonal lingerie with high heeled shoes. She will also come with a bottle of perfume and a cleaning kit.

NOTE: Due to the availability of clothing, We reserve the right to substitute clothing on your order with similar items as necessary.


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