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RealDoll is a Delight, Find Which One Fits You Right!

These anatomically correct models are meant with just one aim in mind, to give you endless pleasure. Such is the potential of these sex dolls that people who get addicted to them consider them as life partners and not as sex dolls. This is because these ‘iDollators’ consider synthetic love to be eternal, as it lasts forever.

Where to get them?

There are many websites offering all kinds of sex dolls, but the company that is the undisputed market leader in love dolls is RealDoll. What it offers is so real and authentic as to numb your senses. With perfect physical attributes, that can shame even the top models in the industry, these sex dolls, turned sex bombs, hold the power to titillate and fornicate.

The range that RealDoll offers is so vast, the display of scantily clad dolls so eyeful, and presentation so beautiful that you feel as if you are visiting some old French high-end brothel. And a kind of brothel it is as it showcases its wares much like a house of ill repute for you to choose from. This can become a mind-boggling experience for you, since every doll is simply too good to resist.

How to choose the right one?

This is easier said than done, as one RealDoll sex doll looks better than the other. However, RealDoll provides the body specs of all its dolls in great detail, making it easier for you to choose your type.

If you are into big busted women, you would love RealDoll love doll in the Female Body D category. It is 5 feet 6 inches in height, weighing 100 to 105 pounds with body dimensions of 36-24-38 and wears a DD cup size. What’s more, it has gel implants in the buttocks making it soft and quivery.

If you are into tall damsels, then you will find one 5 feet 10 inches tall under Female Body C. This 34-24-34 doll with ramp model dimensions, weighs 85 to 90 pounds and wears an A cup size. Its long legs are simply mesmerizing, not to mention its shapely love tunnel.

The 5 feet and 1 inch tall Female Body F type sex doll is one of the most voluptuous of the lot, what with its 37-24-37 dimensions and 32F cup size, weighing a mere 75 to 80 pounds.

This is in no way exhaustive, as RealDoll offers many more shapes and sizes to make you spoilt for choice.


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