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There are times you miss your partner in bed, be it your wife or girlfriend, and end up doing what? Of course, shagging yourself silly! It is time you started thinking beyond a hand job that, more often than not, leaves your joystick sore.

A great option on offer is a real-sized doll from RealDoll that is no less than the sexiest woman imaginable to let you have some penetrative fun. These dolls are far better than standard dolls available in the market, due to their superior quality and material, not to mention the fun factor.

RealDoll gets you balling

Realdoll gives you what you long for and how! You just need to order one from, a one-stop-shop for all kinds of love dolls. These dolls prove better in bed than real flesh and blood partners. Don’t believe us? Have a look at their features and specifications and decide for yourself.

Life-like features

RealDoll is the leader in the love doll market and holds several patents in designs and techniques. It integrates some of the most advanced technologies in both their skeletal components as well as in bodily and facial features making them as real as real can be. The silicone blend that infuses life into these dolls is a result of painstaking research of over 15 years.

Let us see what RealDoll offers:

● The body: All RealDoll love dolls are made of high grade silicone that gives an actual flesh-like feel. There is a wide array of love dolls to choose from that will make you spoilt for choice. You can order them in your favorite shape, size, height and color. The height ranges from 5.1 feet to 5.10 feet with mind-blowing body shapes that are good enough to put even the Hollywood beauties to shame!

● Bust and buttocks: The awesome variety of boobs with luscious nipples, come in tantalizing cup sizes – A cup, C cup, DD cup, 32B cup, 32F cup and the like – that long to be pulled, squeezed and massaged to give you your orgasmic kicks. Some love dolls are also provided with gel implants in the buttocks and breasts for that ultra-realistic feel to double your fun.

● Face X system: This unique system allows replacement of faces on these silicone damsels to give you a new playmate each time you feel horny. What’s more you can even change the hairstyle, eyes and what have you of your doll. The different faces can be purchased separately to enjoy multiple combinations.

● The vagina: Saving the best for the last! The juicy pussies, lovingly termed as inserts, of these dolls is the reason why RealDoll love dolls are most preferred. You can opt for tight or loose, deep or shallow, but whatever you choose, it is certain to give you an earth-shattering orgasm!


If you want to have some fun on the side to ward off loneliness and boredom, RealDoll is the answer to your prayers. Why not get one now?

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