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Ultra Realistic Extra Penis

795.00 CAD $


    • 50 CAD $
    • 50 CAD $
    • 50 CAD $

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Availability/Shipping Time

2-3 week turnaround time from order placement.

Product Description

Our new ultra-realistic penis attachments feature a triple layer technology of a harder inner core covered by a softer silicone “skin” that moves over the inner core in an extremely real way. Developed by the chief engineer at Abyss, these attachments feel as close to the real thing as possible.

Measure Penis Ultra Realistic Dildo:

Flange: Length Penis: 8.89 cm Circumference: 13.33 cm Diameter: 4.45 cm total length: 13.97 cm

Small: Length Penis: 13.97 cm Circumference: 11.43 cm Diameter: 4.45 cm total length: 15.24 cm

Average: Length Penis: 13.33 cm Circumference: 13.97 cm Diameter: 5.08 cm total length: 18.41 cm

Large: Length Penis: 19.05 cm Circumference: 13.97 cm Diameter: 5.08 cm total length: 24.13 cm

X-Large: Length Penis: 22.86 cm Circumference: 17.78 cm Diameter: 6.35 cm total length: 27.94 cm

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