Realbotix, the Sex Doll of the Future.

Gone are the days of ‘Wham bam, thank you ma’am’, today mental stimulation in sex is what is trending. And we are not talking about you doing your flesh-and-bone partner, we are talking about you and your love doll! If you thought sex dolls are only meant for sex, you are simply not with the times.

Today, sex robots or sexbots in the form of Realbotix are becoming a technological reality that promise to revolutionize the future of sex as we know it.

What is Realbotix?

Realbotix is an animated sex doll that provides a more human experience by talking back to its users. At present, only a working head has been created that can be fitted on a sex doll. This head has eyes that blink, mouth that opens and talks. Thanks to a combination of robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the day is not far when Realbotix will be able to arouse users on an emotional and intellectual levels too.

How does Realbotix work?

If you have tried it, you can imagine how mechanical and dull sex becomes, when humping a standard love doll. You end up hammering away its artificial orifice, while the doll lies limply on its back with legs spread wide. You get no other stimulation than what your imagination creates for you and you simply climax and ejaculate, much like you do during masturbation.

With Realbotix, things take a different tone. Since, this sexbot can talk back, you can expect its artificial intelligence (AI) to make it moan in tandem with your strokes; the harder you penetrate and the deeper you go, louder do the moans become, eventually turning into screams of delight. What great sexual stimulation such a sexbot can give to its user! Little wonder, Realbotix is one of the most eagerly awaited sex dolls.

It is not only the moans and shrieks that this Realbotix head is capable of, it can converse with you and share its dreams and aspirations, while at the same time gauging your likes and dislikes through this interaction and adapting itself to you.

Realbotix, the future of sex

The introduction of life-like Realbotix is both exciting and unsettling. Exciting, because it affords a chance to indulge in your favorite fantasies, without encountering the moods of a real partner. You can have your way, all the way with a talking sex doll, without even a whimper of protest. Unsettling, because artificial intelligence entering your private life raises many questions.

What if people start preferring Realbotix to a real woman? This question is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Robotics is making some quick advances in making a sex doll experience more real, then the real real! It is just a matter of time, when Realbotix versions will be able to think for themselves and pleasure you in ways that you have never known before.


The time for Realbotix to revolutionize the sexual world has arrived. It is up to you to jump on the bandwagon!

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